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For any service you may require, we ensure you are adequately informed of the process, and our committed and passionate experts will assist you at every stage. We have a wealth of expertise working with international clients worldwide and can provide you with genuine, assured, and legal services in the relevant field.

In addition to MEA authentication and Apostille management, Global attestation also provides a variety of services that work on the entire verification/Apostille process, such as interpretation services, state validation services, and more.

Global Attestation in Qatar

To provide the best services to our clients, we have a PAN India-wide, robust service network. When it comes to handling all the paperwork and providing Visa-related services, we are a one-stop shop.

UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, India, United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are the nine nations where Global Attestation conducts business.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, has assigned Global Attestation Services, a global outsourcing and innovation administrations expert for conciliatory missions and states worldwide, to gather documents for attesting and apostilling.

In order to support the MEA Attestation and Apostille process, Global Attestation will accept documents from individuals and agents on behalf of the MEA and provide a quick and completely certifiable MEA validation/apostille.

Customer security is essential to us. Thus, we carefully preserve your information and will only use it for marketing after seeking your consent. Connect with us for the above services, and you can count on our sincere and prompt commitment.

Our Vision:

We intend to create a platform through which clients from all over the world can contact us with any services relating to attestation, apostille, and PRO services in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and India.

We want to relieve our clients of the hassle of having their documents attested, leave it to us. We will meet your needs promptly and affordably. In attestation and apostille services, we are dedicated to delivering sincere services on time.

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Global Attestation Services foresee to manifest a platform where clients from any corner of the globe can approach us for any services related to attestation, apostille and PRO services in UAE, QATAR, and INDIA.

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