Kuwait Certificate Attestation

Kuwait Certificate Attestation is a vital and formal procedure designed to verify the authenticity of documents for use within the State of Kuwait. Also known as document attestation, this process is indispensable for a range of purposes, including educational pursuits, employment, and legal matters. The attestation ensures that presented certificates, such as educational degrees, marriage certificates, and professional qualifications, are not only legitimate but also adhere to the stringent standards set by the Kuwaiti government. For individuals seeking opportunities in Kuwait, certificate attestation serves as a crucial validation, affirming the credibility of documents and their compliance with local regulations.


The Kuwait certificate attestation process involves obtaining authentication from various authorities, including the Kuwait Embassy attestation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation in Kuwait. This meticulous attestation is essential to establish the authenticity of presented documents, ensuring they are recognized and accepted by Kuwaiti authorities. Whether the purpose is education, employment, or legal proceedings, certificate attestation in Kuwait is a pivotal step in fostering a seamless and trustworthy interaction between individuals and institutions in the country.


Navigating the complexities of Kuwait certificate attestation is made simpler with Global Attestation and Apostille Service. Specializing in document attestation in Kuwait, the company streamlines the attestation process, including MOFA attestation in Kuwait. Global Attestation and Apostille Service ensures individuals and businesses can confidently present their documents, backed by authenticity and compliance. With a commitment to efficiency and reliability, the company simplifies the attestation procedures, offering a seamless experience for those seeking validation and acceptance of their certificates within the State of Kuwait. Whether it’s educational, non-educational, or commercial certificates, Global Attestation and Apostille Service’s expertise ensures a trustworthy attestation process for various document types.

Kuwait Certificate Attestation

  1. Educational certificate Attestation in Kuwait 
  • Degree certificate attestation
  • Diploma certificate attestation
  • SSLC certificate attestation
  • HSC certificate attestation
  1. Non educational certificate Attestation in Kuwait 
  • Birth certificate attestation
  • Marriage certificate attestation
  • Experience certificate attestation
  • Divorce certificate attestation
  • Transfer certificate attestation
  • Death certificate attestation
  • Migration certificate attestation
  • Medical certificate attestation
  1. Commercial certificate Attestation in Kuwait 
  • Power of Attorney certificate attestation
  • Certificate of Incorporation certificate attestation
  • Trade licence certificate attestation
  • Invoice certificate attestation
  • Certificate of Registration certificate attestation

Documents required for applying Kuwait Certificate Attestation are :

  1. Notary Public
  2. Home Department Attestation
  3. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation
  4. Kuwait Embassy attestation
  5. MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation

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